In the beginning!

I’ve always been artistic and at school would do great drawings, which I then managed to ruin when painted! However I was more successful with crafts making items out of clay, designing rugs etc. So you could say I’m a late bloomer as a professional artist, now in my 40’s.

Expanding beyond a hobby came about last autumn when I thought my office job was about to end. I discovered a set of glass paints bought years ago when I went on an arts and crafts holiday and decided that I’d paint on useful objects. The idea being that in a recession perhaps people would be more inclined to buy art that could also be used e.g. a glass bowl, glasses.

My first endeavour was a painting of one of my cats

Scouring shops for glassware then led to painting dragonflies on a bowl. The shape of the glassware inspires me on what to paint. 

I then started to do one off pieces painting pressed glass and within a few weeks had a reasonable collection. My neighbour fortuitously runs a couple of village mini markets where she sells handmade cards, so taking a table seemed the ideal opportunity to see if people liked my glass designs.

Check my blog tomorrow to find out how I got on.