Internet shop opening

This will be my first blog in ‘real time’! I have just set up an Etsy shop, which I naively thought wouldn’t take too long as I’d already opened a shop on Folksy. It took most of yesterday and into the evening!

First up is entering your profile and policies. I spent quite a bit of time looking at other crafters pages for ideas and to ensure I didn’t miss any vital information. Having already done a profile on Folksy I did think of just copying and pasting but decided as the layout was different I’d start from scratch.

Next is listing items – I include 2 below. Thankfully I already had my photos uploaded on the computer and prices so that bit was easy. However deciding on descriptions etc took more brain power!


Finally I just had to select payment options and with one more click my shop was open 🙂

Then I couldn’t resist exploring the forums. Wow, the response is super fast on Etsy. I commented on a newbie post and within seconds had a reply with great advice on tags. I needed to include more to ensure that my work appeared in search results. So another hour or 2 later I had updated my tags!

2 thoughts on “Internet shop opening”

    1. It is all so time consuming but I guess once you’re set up, more familiar with the site and have lots of visitors, it gets easier. I found Etsy more user friendly if that’s any help.


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