Inspired craft

Having found a way of recycling some old cloudy glasses, as mentioned in my last blog, I am quite pleased with the result. I had fun, just going with the flow as the end product is for me. I love experimenting with designs and luckily with Pebeo vitrea glass paints you can wipe away mistakes with water. These candle holders were painted quite quickly and I would take more care if they were for sale, I’m a perfectionist but I guess they do have a kind of Bohemian charm! So if you have some glasses past their best but don’t want to throw them in the bin, have a go at painting them using glass paints and create your own candle holder.


Yesterday we had lovely blue sky and I wish I could say the same today but it’s gone grey! So with these colours in mind I created a sky blue pinterest board –

Folksy-blue-skies Pinterest board

and a grey cat!