First experience of on-line tax return and dancing Bunnies!

Feeling very pleased with myself, I’ve completed my tax return on-line, phew! Took longer than planned of course.
First of all it said I already had an account, it turns out I did register in 2008 but for what I have no idea! This meant I had to apply for a new ID number and once that arrived then apply for a new password by post. So about 10 days later I’m able to log on, this is why I try not to leave things to the last minute!

During the 10 day wait I had worked out my total takings and expenses, interest etc and had my P60, so theoretically filling the form should have been quick. However by the time I had waded through all the questions, brought up help boxes which initially I didn’t find because they open in a new window (ok I was having a ‘tierd’ day) and double, triple checked my answers the afternoon had gone. Then my concentration had really waned because I knew I shouldn’t owe any tax but it was saying I did. Half an hour later after a drink and rest I looked at the return again, they owed me money not the other way around. So I’m a happy bunny, even though it isn’t for much!

I haven’t painted a bunny yet, so here are some lovely dancing Bunnies I found on Folksy

by Sara Thornton

On that note I shall log off, had enough of computers and feeling the need to paint!