I’ve not exhibited in a gallery exhibition yet, so can’t really tell you the pros and cons. However I do enjoy looking round them. Gloss art in Exeter have just opened a new one displaying work from Devon based artists. I went to their open evening last night and it is definitely worth a visit, with a broad range of art to suit all tastes.

The evening was a bit over crowded, very hot and I felt a little out of place surrounded by quite a lot of wealthy people! Of course that is the point and hopefully the artists will sell lots of their work. Some of you from Folksy or Etsy may have heard of Amy (@amyorangejuice), who I’ve got to know as she lives locally and does beautiful stained glass. The first time we met was when she participated in the open studios event and it is down to Amy that I took the plunge opening an internet shop. Amy has some of her work in the Gloss Arts exhibition and for those that are unable to make it to Exeter, I have reblogged her blog which has some great photos. Do take a look  – I seem to have lost the reblog, don’t ask me how, so here is the link! It wasn’t lost after all, ahhh computers…….