Silly Season

I’ve had a few days away, hence not writing a blog earlier this week. The break was good, I didn’t touch a computer for 3 days! Sadly this very hot weather doesn’t suit me though, so for 2 days of the week I’ve done nothing having zero energy. I had hoped to do an open top bus tour of the New Forest (started this year) but at 30 degrees outside just too hot for me. Let me know if any of you have done the tour, it sounded good.

So in the UK we’ve gone from Autumn weather in June to blazing hot in July within hours. No chance for acclimatization, so ‘silly season’ seemed an appropriate title! Fantastic start to the olympics of course and the school holidays. Great for taking photographs as well. I’ve taken a few that may get used in my cards but they have such brilliant blue sky I’m sure some people wont believe they were taken in England! My first batch of cards went down well on my stalls and I’m pleased to say I have sold a few.

With the weather and time away I’ve done very little painting, although the sun catcher I have painted I’m very happy with. I love the colours of a peacock and thought it would work well on a sun catcher. Next week I’ll be painting more to replace a sunflower one I sold on my stall and I’ve had an order for a dragonfly one. I just hope it’s not only the sunny weather encouraging people to buy sun catchers, as the forecast is back to normal next week!