It is blissfully quiet at my house today and I just realised why. The baby seagull has stopped squawking and is learning to fly – yipee! It is obviously so pleased with itself that it no longer needs to be twittering for it’s mum. I managed to get a photograph of one of its mini flights, here it has flown from the upper flat roof to my conservatory roof.

Other news I am now on Twitter, hence the title and hopefully some of you are reading this blog having seen my tweet. I had avoided twitter since lots of my time was already taken up with computers (see launching into cyberspace post) but I am quite enjoying it. I prefer it to Facebook and have discovered how to link my social media, a great time-saving tool. So a big thank you to Linda @uniquelyyours for recommending I try twitter and Dawn @Audreyscat for her excellent twitter advice

Craft wise I’ve not done much, the sunshine and heat has put me in holiday mode! I have made some new photo cards, which I’m very pleased with although again they took far longer than planned. It was my determination to print my logo and description onto the back of the card instead of using a sticker! Perhaps I should get the whole cards printed, rather than attaching photos to blank cards. What would you, my lovely readers, prefer an actual photo on a card or preprinted card?

I will be adding my new photo cards to my Folksy and Etsy shop next week.



3 thoughts on “Twitterings”

  1. I know the feeling about squawking birds. Our neighbour has a very chatty parrot. It’s driving me potty – unfortunately it’s never going to fly away unlike your seagull! I’ve just joined twitter too so (when i work it out!) i’ll add you to my twitterers (or whatever they are called!?)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I can’t wait for the seagull to fly away and then I just need it to rain heavily at night to clean all the bird poo away, not that I wish more rain on anyone!

      I’ve followed you on Twitter, you’re doing well with 16 followers already 🙂

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