My latest creations

This week I’ve painted a couple of new candle holders. The first one was inspired by a glass I painted that has had quite a few favourites in my Etsy shop and been featured in a treasury (Treasury). It is of black cats and what I hadn’t anticipated is of course it fits the halloween theme. So realising that October is not so far away, I decided to paint my black cats on tealight holders as well, I can’t think about Christmas yet!

The second one is a one off. I have had the glass candle holder for a while but just not been sure what to paint on it, as it is an unusual shape. Luckily inspiration came my way and I have painted my dragonflies on it. First I used bubble wrap as a paint stamp to give the impression of water around the base. After leaving that to dry I then used pewter outliner for the dragonfly wings.

The final step is painting the wings plus body and then after 24hrs I bake the glass to make the paint permenant.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog. The sun has finally come out, so I’m off for a walk!