Seasonal things

Apologies for my absence of posts, I’ve only just come out of holiday mode! I had a lovely week in Spain, despite the rain for 4 days it was at least warm. Those that follow me on twitter will have seen the incredible fog, for those that didn’t here it is:

View of Fuengirola!
This is what the view should look like!

Although I’ve not blogged I have been painting since I got back and have some new things, so I’ve not been totally unproductive! My key rings have already proved popular on my monthly stall and they will be available shortly on-line. Do message me if you’d like a particular flower etc.


I’ve also succumbed to Christmas, with the reality it is now only 10 weeks away! Where does the time go? I’ve added a few Christmas themed items but of course all my painted glassware makes great functional gifts and I have an attractive range for entertaining (check out my shops for nibbles dishes, glasses, bowls). My first new seasonal piece is this robin for your tree but can be used as a sun catcher all year.

I have also created a holly design which can be added to any glassware. These wine glasses will be available to buy on Folksy.