Painting a Sunset

Todays blog is inspired by my 2nd attempt at acrylic painting. I had a trawl through my own photographs to find something to paint, a very nostalgic couple of hours! It did make me realise I prefered looking through my photo albums than viewing photos on the computer. The digital age does make things easier but I do like looking at a real object, does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?
I found a few photos I felt I could paint and utlimately chose a sunset. I do love the way acrylics can be put on thickly or watered down making them similair to water colours . Here is my interpretation, although I’ve not decided on a frame yet or in fact whether it’s finished! Any input would be appreciated.

Seaside Sunset by Annabel

I did make life easier for myself by not painting all the boats that lined the seashore! I’d be interested to hear how other artists get their ideas for a painting.

Here are some more sunsets I found on Folksy and Etsy, a great range of styles:

Rabbit Painting by Sara L Thornton
Sunset 11 by Shelly Oyston
Sunset on Loch Creran, Scotland

Watercolour Sunset Sea by FlowaPowa Art

Sailing at Sunset by SunnyDays Studio
Sunset by Lucy Crow

5 thoughts on “Painting a Sunset”

  1. Hi annabel, good painting keep going it gets easier and better, one comment check your tones the distance should be a lighter tone than the foreground to give the impression of the space between foreground and background due to the moisture in the British atmosphere it is more obvious here than in other drier countries sometimes it is called aerial perspective, experiment it is worth it, a minor point.
    Regards John

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