Recycling Crafts

I hate throwing things in the bin and if they can’t be put in the recycling I try to find alternative uses. You may have read my previous crafts post about making a candle holder out of old cloudy glasses. These can’t be put in the bottle bank due to chemicals used in production.

My latest dilemma was what to do with an old synthetic duvet, having upgraded to a feather one which I have to say I love. The answer is to donate it to an animal charity, as it is great for pet bedding. Alternatively cut it up and use it to make bedding for your own pets!

Many crafters create fantastic items using recycled materials. In Quay Presents, near where I live in Exeter, Rosey Reed makes great things with driftwood

Natalie Millerchip makes lovely brooches out of plastic bags and rubber bands.

Of course a lot of stained glass artists use old bits of glass, like Amy McCarthy amyorangejuice. My pressed glass dishes are popular, which are often unloved pieces of glassware transformed into something new and colourful.

In the current climate I think upcycling along with recycling is definitely the way to go to reduce landfill and preserve our resources. I’d love to hear about other creative ways you know of recycling.