An odd combination perhaps – mobile phones and painting!

First up I thought I’d share with you my mission to get a new camera phone because it has taken over a large chunk of time! It is a maze of offers and I’ve spent hours on research, partly because the mobile I’d like is of course too expensive and I don’t need a £30+ tariff with lots of minutes etc.

I managed to whittle the choice down to a few models relatively easily because I want a good camera phone. I know lots of people say a mobile camera can’t be as good but today some are comparable to compact cameras and many of my photographs are taken at the spur of the moment. I always have my mobile on me, whereas I wouldn’t have my camera, trust me my handbag is heavy enough as it is!

So my favourite is Sony S, having read numerous reviews, or the iPhone which I definitely can’t afford. The Sony S has a 12 megapixel camera but I’ve just discovered it is now discontinued. It only came out in January! So having trawled the internet my most affordable options are getting a second-hand one plus a sim only deal or risk ordering one from an internet shop, many of which have horror stories! Do any of you, my lovely readers, have some advice or experience? Just to add some urgency my PAC code has to be used by the 11th but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, as I’ve spent far too long deciding already!
Despite being distracted by mobiles I have done some painting in the last few days – glass christmas decorations, commissions and a ladybird photo frame, which I think is rather cute! I did have trouble photographing this though because of grey skies and lack of light, which I guess wont be helped much by whatever camera I get.

Yesterday I finished my 3rd attempt at acrylic painting. As I’ve put the first 2 on my blog thought you might like to follow my progress, so here it is. It also includes water, so perhaps I should do something different for my next one, what would you like to see?

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