Creating a Website

Happy New Year to you all.
I now have a name for my new brand and in preparation for the launch I’ve been advised to get my own website. So far I have avoided this but I can see it makes sense these days, so many hours of research later I’ve started to create my own website myself. Time wise of course I’d prefer to be painting but I like a challenge learning something new, with the added advantage it’s cheaper and I have control!

After looking at various website builder sites I’ve chosen Moonfruit. I did look at WordPress and you may have noticed that I’ve changed the layout of this blog so it looks more like a website, with the homepage now being a static page. I’m pleased with the changes but for a main website people generally recommend and this seemed more complicated.

I know quite a lot of crafters use Weebly but I couldn’t find a template I liked and Moonfruit seems to be more adaptable. It has taken a while to get to grips with adding and editing photos but that is partly down to me not following the instructions properly! There are tutorials and lots of help available. I’ve completed the first page and hope to be up and running soon, when I’ll need to decide whether to go for a paid version or stick with the free one. I’d be interested to hear your opinion on this, is it definitely worth paying to have a website hosted and not getting the adverts?

I’ve been busy seeing friends and family these last few weeks but I do have a new painting to show you. It is my first sheep, painted as a gift on a coaster.


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      1. Well I hear the number ONE reason your first alum fails is BECAUSE OF YOU!!! not YOU YOU, you your self! I try to apply that to everything that fails LOL I failed it some how… Dissect it and understand WHY it died!!! Renewal is ALWAYS COOL!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

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