It’s wet!

My new website is almost ready and I plan to launch it next week. After advice from friends, family and thanks to Phil Deem, Exeter Business Support I’ve added missing information and I think it looks good. I have gone for the paid version, so there is plenty of room for photos! I will let you know when it’s live and with a special offer on my new brand do check back.

My theme for today is water, partly because not only have we had a lot of it in various forms but my 10yr old car has a leak, although I’m hoping I can now say it had a leak! Finding the source was not easy, the carpet behind the passenger seat was very wet and then I discovered so was the floor mat of the boot but only underneath. It turns out that the sun roof drain was slightly damaged but fixing that only reduced the problem. Pouring water over the back lights proved to be the main source of the leak, where water was getting into the boot and then dripping onto the floor. So yesterday I had the back lights resealed and fingers crossed my car is now water tight. If not I have bought a car cover as a last resort!

Here are a couple of my designs that fit with the water theme. Click on the pictures to find out more.

Hand painted Swan on a fused glass coaster
Hand painted Swan on a fused glass coaster
Swan Fridge Magnet - feeding the birds
Swan Fridge Magnet – feeding the birds

And to keep you warm on these cold and wintry nights Little Bettys hot water bottle

Hot water bottle by Carolyn Ann Bonthrone

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  1. What a wonderful hot water bottle, I love the design, perfect for these cold wintry nights. Where is it from?

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