Dog Agility glass painting!

I’m starting to add background to more of my animal paintings now and generally pleased with the results.

It can be quite tricky painting around the animals because unlike painting on paper you can’t overlap glass paint because the original colour can be seen from the other side of the glass. This means I’m unable to start with the background but paint the animal first. Once that’s dry I then add background, carefully brushing paint up to the animal, with cotton bud in hand in case I do make a mistake! Damp cotton buds are great for removing small sections of glass paint before it dries.

Here is my latest glass with a dog agility scene. It is not quite finished, do you think it works with the trees and grass or would you prefer the dogs on their own? Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before adding the background so I appreciate it may be hard to imagine the scene without it!

Dog Agility