Wonderful birds and then there are seagulls!

This week I’ve moved on from dogs to birds. If you read my post last year on seagulls you’ll know how they have annoyed me! Well it seems they are eyeing up my chimney breast and I am determined that they will not nest there again this year. Obviously I don’t want to harm the seagulls and after some research I have put a plastic owl on my flat roof, which apparently will deter them. Here he is

Owl Twit twooo

So far the seagulls still sit on my chimney but have stopped walking all over the conservatory roof. Fingers crossed the owl will stop them from nesting on my house, although I did see a seagull eyeing up the owl from quite a close distance, so we’ll see!



I do think the seagulls may also discourage the small garden birds, coupled with cats of course. I get blackbirds and on a rare occasion a robin or sparrow. To make up for this I have started painting a collection of birds on sun catchers, to add to my robin. What are your favourite birds?

Here are the first two, a blue tit and chaffinch

2013-02-27-247 2013-02-27-245