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Last week was a week of new things, so I thought I’d write about some of them and would love to hear your thoughts

1) I had a go at painting in a different style, slightly abstract. This was in miniature form and started out with one of my bees and a rose, so initially not that different. I then did some experimenting and it was fun developing it into an abstract explosion of colour for the background. Here he is made into a pendant.

Bee abstract

2) A customer at a craft fair asked if I did brooches. As you may know I’ve only recently started painting miniature pendants and the response has been very good so far. I hadn’t thought of brooches, so I’ve invested in some brooch backs which can be used with glass cabochon. This is my first brooch, a butterfly

Butterfly brooch

I’ve now also painted a small cat brooch and a larger kingfisher one, since kingfishers were my most popular pendant in the giveaway! I’ve not photographed them yet.




3) I’m on ebay! Quite a few of my fellow crafters put their art work on ebay. I’ve bought things on there but not really tried selling. So thanks to their encouragement I’ve taken the plunge and put a mixed media painting of a kitten and a print of the seaside acrylic painting I wrote about last year. They start at 99p & I can’t wait to see if I get any bids.

Butterfly flutters by Kitten

Seaside Sunset

Hope you had an inspirational week. I’m at Bicton Country Fair on Saturday, which should be good with lots of activities. So must get back to painting now!

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