Offers and updates

We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday and coupled with the fact that all my shops, twitter, facebook now have my new animal name I’m feeling generous, so decided to have a 4 day summer sale starting today until Sunday.

So a good time to get your animal mad friends, family or yourself a present!
Check out the SALE section in my Folksy shop and I have an Etsy discount code, use FREE5 in my Etsy shop to get £5 off a £15 minimum spend.

Blog Update

The seagull has returned, so he was not fooled by the owl. I’m not surprised as I know animals are far from stupid.

SeagullNow happily nested on my chimney & the eggs have hatched. This stage is fine, the tiny tweets from the babies is a pleasant sound. It’s when they get bigger and the tweet becomes a squawk & they leave bird droppings everywhere! The only solution seems to be to put netting up on the chimney before they nest next year. For now I will have to keep cleaning off the bird droppings to stop another fly infestation, unless anyone has any other suggestions?

The ebay experiment was not overly successful, I had very few views. However not to be deterred I’ve put a couple of non-animal glassware items on there, although they are one of many so it might be a miracle if I get a bid! (ebay listings) However worth a go as it’s not cost me anything if they don’t sell & I’ve even got an ebayer yellow star now, it’s like being back at school 🙂

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