It’s summer!

Hope you’re all enjoying some sun. We’re having a week of wall to wall sunshine in Devon in the UK and the heat to go with it. I’m enjoying the sun but over 25 degrees C is a bit hot for me, although it’s a great improvement on the cold and rain!
I had my stall at Dunsford village show last Saturday and the sun certainly brought lots of people out. It was a great day and such a relief as last years was cancelled due to the rain. My gazebo had its first outing and so glad I had it as it provided much-needed shade. For those of you that may not get to see my stall I thought I’d show you a photo. I’m quite pleased with the layout now, having got some shelves to provide extra height.

You can see I’ve pegged out my new ACEO’s on a line. This seemed to work quite well as people did notice them, although very few people know about ACEO in the UK. I’m now adding the acrylic ones to Etsy and the photo ones to my Folksy shop, as well as being able to see them all and buy them on my website. Decided to take the risk that it was highly unlikely customers would buy one from Etsy/Folksy at exactly the same time as from my website, so when I make a sale I will remove it from the other shop.

I’ve mentioned before about the lovely Folksy ACEO thread and wanted to show you some of their wonderful work. So here is a selection of summery ones, just click on the photo to go to their shop.

Beach Kite by Stephanie Guy
Sunset, open edition ACEO by Trevor Harvey
Hormakhet Sphinx Eygpt by Clare Sherwen
Landscape Garden by Brenda Cumming
Marguerite Daisy by Hazel Rayfield

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