Alphabet Challenge Week 1

So the first day of my challenge has arrived! Week one is of course the letter A


To recap I am going to paint an animal and promote an animal related business from each letter of the alphabet over the next 26 weeks.

  • On Monday I need your help with suggestions of what animal you’d like me to paint and also a business connected to animals that I will promote. This can be an animal charity, a craft business that makes or paints animals or a business like a vets beginning with that weeks letter.
  • By Wednesday I will have chosen the animal to paint and business beginning with that weeks letter, from your suggestions.
  • On friday I will post a photo of my painting and information on the chosen business.

Please leave a reply with suggestions of an animal and/or animal business beginning with the letter A.

I’ve come up with ‘ant’ but hope you have some more inspiring ideas!