Alphabet Challenge E

There are not so many animals beginning with E, so I’ve already started painting an elephant on glass!

Please do suggest another animal for me to paint on an ACEO and a business connected to animals whose name begins with E, that I can feature on Friday.

Keeping with E, I thought I’d show you an evening photo of the seaside at Exmouth in Devon. It was my birthday recently and we had fish and chips on the beach. Sadly we didn’t get a red sunset but it was a lovely evening and wonderful to sit and look at this view. I just love the cloud formations.

Exmouth BeachExmouth Beach

3 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge E”

  1. All I could come up with (besides elephant) beginning with E was Elk and Eagle! Love the photo of Exmouth. and a birthday by the sea with fish and chps sounds just wonderful 🙂

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