Letter E challenge results

Week 5 of my challenge was more challenging with not so many animals to choose from! Thank you to those who gave me suggestions.
I decided an elephant would look quite good on a decanter, with his trunk reaching around the neck. Getting the colour correct and solid enough took quite a few layers of glass paint, so he was painted over a number of days. Being slightly transparent didn’t seem right for an elephant!

elephant face elephant decanter 1


Photographing him isn’t easy but hopefully you get an idea from these two photos!








To go with my elephant I chose an eagle ACEO. As usual I painted the eagle on acetate and this is placed on top of the acrylic painting.




Finding a business to feature wasn’t easy either with no suggestions. I failed to find a crafter but this morning had a light bulb moment!

Edinburgh Zoo fits the brief, definitely to do with animals and their name begins with E 🙂
They have also been in the news recently about their pandas “keepers at Edinburgh Zoo are on twenty-four hour panda cub watch as hormone test results continue to paint a positive picture for Tian Tian, the UK’s only female giant panda.”
Very exciting, here is some more info on the zoo:

Edinburgh Zoo is owned by The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS). The Society was founded in March 1909, and the Zoo opened in July 1913.

Set in 82 acres of sloping parkland, the Zoo is situated three miles to the west of Edinburgh city centre. Edinburgh Zoo is one of Europe’s leading centres of conservation, education and research. We work collectively with many other zoos and conservation agencies in the UK, Europe and around the world in co-ordinated conservation programmes, to help ensure the survival of many threatened animal species. We support various conservation projects in the wild through funding and expertise.

The zoo doesn’t have elephants but you will find eagles! zoo website
So next week is the letter F, please do suggest any businesses you know.

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