Exciting news!

I’m a bit late with my first post this week but I do have some fantastic news to share with you. Next week some of my mixed media paintings will be on display in a local cafe and for a whole month 23rd Oct-22nd Nov.
The Well Cafe, Okehampton street, Exeter is a lovely cafe overlooking the river Exe. It is very peaceful with a relaxing atmosphere being part of the Riverside church Centre. Angelica who runs the cafe is keen to support local artists, so she has started a community gallery and I feel honoured to be the 3rd artist to display my work there.

So I’ve been busy painting and framing some of my ACEO to display. A number of my alphabet challenge paintings will be there, including this weeks. There was very little choice for the letter J, so I’ve gone for a big cat and a domestic cat. I’m sure you’ve guessed the big cat, the other one I’d not heard of but found by googling! I’ll post photos on Friday as usual.

Talking of cats Lottie is doing very well & ruling the roost as cats are inclined to do! I’m writing this blog post on my ipad, so as not to disturb her, although I find my laptop much easier.

She is so cute and still spends every opportunity on my lap 🙂 but is not impressed when I’m working, as you can see!

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