Art & cat adventures!

I’ve just delivered my paintings to the Well Café in Exeter and it will be great to see them all on the gallery wall together. A number of my alphabet challenge paintings are there and it’s exciting to see what the reaction will be!

This week is letter K in my alphabet challenge and not much to choose from. Naturally there are kingfishers but I’ve already painted quite a few! Please do leave a note in comments if you know of any businesses connected with animals whose name begins with K too.

I’m pleased it’s L next week, so that I can sneak in a painting of my cat Lottie!

She is doing very well and now goes outside, although not when it’s raining, which sadly we’ve had lots of. For the first few occasions I went out in the garden with her and then had that anxious moment when she jumped on the fence and disappeared into another neighbours garden. An hour later she reappeared with a minor scratch on her nose but otherwise was fine. I would love to know what she got up to of course but Lottie seemed quite pleased with herself!

She now uses the cat flap quite happily and continues to use the scratching post. I’m so lucky to have such a happy, good natured cat 🙂