Happy New Year from a soggy UK!

Hope you all have a healthy and happy 2014. The new year here in the UK started with torrential downpours and strong winds but at least it’s quite mild.

Luckily my car leak is fixed but the conservatory now leaks. In an attempt to minimise the damage until I can get it repaired I decided to retrieve a large plastic sheet from the shed and hang it out of the upstairs window. With the window closed trapping it, it gave some cover over the conservatory. Now I was not overly hopeful that this would work, especially with high winds but I’m chuffed to bits as we had more heavy rain last night and there is no sign of water in my conservatory 🙂 Am I glad I kept that plastic sheet, a bit of hoarding can be very useful!

With the new year I’m continuing my alphabet challenge. I had got half way through, so I’m now on the letter N. To my surprise there is very little choice for animals beginning with N, so the decision was not difficult. I’ve painted a Nightingale bird using my usual style, with the background in watercolour on paper and the nightingale is painted using glass paint on acetate. It is aceo size 2.5 by 3.5 inches.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and please do join me again next week for the letter O and any comments or suggestions are always welcome.