Puffins and Poodles for letter P art challenge!

Hi, can’t believe another week has gone by and it will be February soon. At least that means spring is only round the corner and the bulbs will be coming out. I love spring with nature bursting into life.

For my alphabet challenge this week is the letter P. I’ve chosen to do a puffin because a young girl at a craft fair said I should paint some, her favourite animal! I then had the idea to do poodles on a candle holder, as my black cats and horses have proved very popular but I’ve not done any dog ones.

I did a miniature puffin pendant and here I’m showing you the front and the painted back. As you can see it is glass painting in reverse.

Puffin pendant

Puffin Pendant

Puffin back

Poodle tealight holder 2
Poodle dogs tealight holder

Poodle tealight holder

Hope you like the new poodles.

I couldn’t leave out my peacock wine glass, which I’ve been painting for a while now so not really part of my art challenge but they do begin with the letter P!

Hand Painted Peacock on a wine glass
Hand Painted Peacock on a wine glass

My business of the week had to be Paignton zoo. It is based in Devon and is a fantastic zoo. They have quite a few animals  beginning with the letter P, including a peafowl and their website handily lists the animals alphabetically.  You can visit their website here – Paignton Zoo P Animals

Have a great weekend and any suggestions for Q are more than welcome!