Weather & Alphabet Challenge R!

Hope my UK readers are keeping safe in this very wet and windy weather. Just heard on the radio that we’ve had the worst winter weather for about 240 years, shows how extreme it is! That of course is no consolation to the many that have been flooded and I hope you get the help you need swiftly. Although a lot of the flooding has been coastal increased by high tides and wind, I believe our large open fields cause a lot of the problems inland. Did you know that ground around trees absorbs water 4 times as fast as areas without vegetation. Replanting trees and hedgerows would reduce water run off considerably, helping to reduce flooding and increase wildlife habitats too.

Talking about wildlife I’ve painted rabbits and rats for the letter R. I’m not a big fan of wild rats being carriers of disease but I know some people do have pet rats and having now painted them, I have to say they are quite cute!

RatsHere is my ACEO, size 2.5 by 3.5 inches, so the rats are quite tiny! Done in my usual mixed media format with an acrylic background and the rats are painted with glass paint on acetate.


rabbit tealight holder 1

The rabbits I painted with glass paint on a candle holder. I’ve painted them in silhouette like my cats, horses etc but I’m thinking I may do them with flowers too, what do you think?


This week I’ve attempted to improve my website and shops. When I started out I had no idea how time consuming all the marketing side would be. It would be lovely to spend time just painting but sadly it doesn’t work like that! I’ve learnt loads but I must admit it is hard to keep up sometimes. So I’ve been busy listing items and updating my website shop.

I think it works better now and my new cards are all on there too, with sets on Folksy. If you get a chance please do check it out and hope you have a great weekend.

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