Letter W art challenge

I’m almost at the end of my animal alphabet challenge now, can’t believe there are just 3 letters to go and this is my 100th post, wow!

Time has flown by this week so I’ve only managed to paint a candle holder for this weeks W. Instead I’ve been busy painting other tealight holders including rabbits, cats and kingfishers, you can see them here on Folksy and Etsy. Having finally got round to doing a stock take realised I needed to paint more!

I chose a whippet for my challenge, a dog I haven’t painted before and thought his slender body might work quite well going round a tealight holder. It was more difficult than anticipated to get the shape right, so I came back to it four times before I was happy, getting through quite a few cotton buds removing paint despite the dogs being quite small!

Whippet candle holder

My top tip if you ever do glass painting is have some damp cotton buds, they are great for correcting mistakes 🙂

As I haven’t got a new aceo for W, here is a wolf I painted and a couple of  pieces from other crafters Gary at Little Ram Studios and  Jill Kitson from Clootielugs . For more details just click on the photos.


Wolf on the Prowl ACEO

Whippet Dog Linocut Print by Little Ram Studios

Wolf Pendant wood slice by Clootielugs