Cat update and a letter X animal

Hope you’ve all had a good week. We’ve been teased with some lovely warm sunny days, only for it to turn cold again! Mind you it was unseasonally warm, so I guess we’re just back to normal March weather.
Since having my cat Lottie she rarely goes out, although I can’t blame her with the winter weather we’ve had. She tends to follow me into the garden when I put the washing out etc. but has always followed me back inside straight away! I was concerned that she may be wary about being outside, as being a rescue cat I don’t know her history. However this week she did go out on her own to bask in the sun, so just your average fair weather cat who likes home comforts!

This weeks letter X was definitely a challenge but thanks to the internet I found Xerus squirrels. They live in Africa and the way they stand reminds me of meerkats.

Xerus Squirrel w


This is an aceo (for those new to my blog Art Card Editions & Originals 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size). The background is acrylic, the xerus squirrels are painted with glass paint on acetate and overlaid on top of the acrylic painting.





With the letter X being so limited on animals that’s all I have to show you but I have created a pinterest board with my animal alphabet challenge all in one place. Annoyingly it isn’t possible to rearrange pins on a pinterest board, unless I’m missing something but it’s roughly in the right order! I haven’t worked out how to show the pins here but you can see it via this link
Art Alphabet of Animals

Just two letters left to go, suggestions for the letter Y animals more than welcome 🙂

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