Cats like washing!

In my last post I mentioned I planned to do a caption competition. For this I’m looking for art work.
If you have any photos or pictures that have a great caption or perhaps you’re struggling with a title for a piece of work and would like ideas, please email me a photo to be included in the ‘name that caption’ competition. I plan to start it in a weeks time, so do contact me by Wednesday and I will of course include your details, so don’t forget to give me a website or other link!

My cat Lottie has provided me with quite a good photo to get us going. I couldn’t find her for ages and as my regular readers will know she’s not a big outdoor cat. Eventually I noticed I’d left the utility window open. She had been sound asleep in the laundry basket!

If this has inspired you with any caption ideas, do leave them in comments 🙂

I’ve been busy on zazzle since joining and you can see more cats here