Gifts for him

Since finishing my alphabet challenge my blog posts have reduced, down to about once a month. I definitely want to change this but at the same time need to minimise typing, computer use and paint more. A tricky one as I’m getting pain in my left hand, possibly arthritis but not to be defeated my solution is  to try doing regular blog posts with pictures. Theoretically this shouldn’t be so hard, I am an artist after all!

So to start the gifts for him, this one is how I feel about age related illnesses!

Alligator t-shirt

It was originally inspired by Peter Pan’s crocodile, who swallowed a clock and I hope will appeal to boys.

It can be so hard to find gifts for the boys, so here are a few more ideas from fellow artists as well as me. Please click on the photos for  information on the art and products.

Tiger speakers stickman groove tie Snake dart board real men love cats rugeagle skateboarddinasour watch

Many of the Zazzle products can be customised. To visit your own Zazzle international Bike flaskstore change the .com to your country code in the address bar or use the drop down menu.

Please note that when you use a link to Zazzle from here and purchase something I earn a small referral fee but this does not effect the price you pay, just helps me a little 🙂

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