Tree hugging!

January, February are generally the coldest months in the UK, although so far we’ve gone from freezing nights to spring temperatures! Here in Devon it’s warm enough for Palm trees but it’s best to protect them from frost. So how do you cover them with a tree cover?

By tree hugging, be a tree hugger! Gather up all the leaves from the base and hug them, then someone else can slide a cover over the top. Makes a funny photo too!

Protecting a palm tree with a tree cover

Aside from tree hugging I’ve been busy painting for the new National Trust gallery at Widecombe on the Moor. The theme is naturally moorland animals, to include butterflies, birds, dragonfly and deer. I’m painting some new vases but gutted that I managed to break three in a spectacular dominoes effect 🙁

My popular bowls will be there & thankfully they’re still intact.


Spangles shop is having a make-over too. I’ve a new coaster display rack and more shelf space, I’ll have photos for my next post. Have a great weekend