Funny how not to list!

Open studios went well if you consider sales per visitor. Sadly I had very few visitors, 8 people plus friends and a big thank you to them.

I did have warning signs that it might not go to plan, so here’s a funny list:

How NOT to do an event because if you didn’t laugh you’d cry!
  • Invite bugs into your venue, adds some movement and interest to have them crawling around!Beetle shot glasses hand painted
  • No need to check if neighbours will be doing building work, highly unlikely surely?
  • If building work is happening in the area make sure all the demolition, noisy and dusty work is done just before opening. It ensures nothing can be displayed safely until the last minute, great for headaches and  stress levels!Cranes surrounding a building
  • Schedule with lots of other events including big sporting ones, people will go to them all (won’t they??) 🏈
  • Time it to coincide with a legal obligation, privacy policy for example and start to update your website 1-2 weeks before. This gives you plenty of time, or not!
  • Don’t worry about checking all the event listings, they’re bound to be correct as typos never happen.
  • Discover a damp or building issue in your venue a few days before, again adds to the stress!Funny image of woman trying to stop water getting in
  • Lastly book a storm the night before opening so it destroys your posters etc. such a good look!

I wish you a successful event, just don’t follow this list!