A Step into St.Michael’s Mount!

St.Michael’s Mount, National Trust

I recently had a short break in Cornwall and St.Michael’s Mount was definitely a highlight. However a step into is an understatement, there are a lot of steep steps to get there but worth the hike!

View of St.Michael’s Mount from the beachWe timed it just right being able to walk there and back at low tide. However there is a boat, so you’re not expected to swim if the tide is in!

As you can see the views are amazing and the gardens beautifully landscaped. Big praise to the gardeners coping with extreme weather and hilly conditions.

You need a head for heights too!

Tiered Gardens St.Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

Looking up at St.Michael’s Mount castle from the lower grounds

The inside of the castle is fascinating as well. I love the way they have a seat in the alcove filled with books.

St.Michael’s Mount model made of wine corks

This wine cork model was created by a butler. Very inventive and great recycling of all those corks!

The property is managed by the National Trust and you can read more about it here

Work wise more stock has just gone to Widecombe in the Moor National Trust gallery, including some new shaped vases.