Goodbye Summer Flowers

There are still some great summer flowers to be seen, despite September officially being the end of summer. However we have had a good summer here in the UK to encourage the blooms but looks like the warm weather is coming to an end this week. Hopefully the change won’t kill off the flowers yet.

Hanging baskets full of summer flowers at the transit shed at Exeter Quay
I love this display of summer flowers in hanging baskets, at the transit shed at Exeter Quay
Photograph of a purple and pink fuchsia in full bloom in September.
This Fuchsia in my garden was very late flowering but looks great now!

I had a lovely trip to Torquay recently and their flowers in the park near the sea front are beautiful too.

Boats in Torquay Marina
Boats at Torquay Marina

View of Torquay and the wheel


I was at Torquay to deliver this Kingfisher and Rhododendron painting to Artizan gallery for an exhibition. It’s not up yet but looking forward to seeing it in situ!

Mixed media acrylic and glass painting with a kingfisher sitting by a pond and rhododendron tree