New Product Animal Stickers

Can’t believe a month has gone by since my last post. Time goes far too quickly!

I continue to add to my website and a new product is animal colouring in stickers for people to personalise.

Wild animal flower stickers photographed with a felt tip pen

Mythical animal stickers to colour-in with unicorns, phoenix and dragons


Children like my animal art but of course glass is not always appropriate! With these animal stickers that’s not an issue and they can have a fun craft activity bringing the animals to life in their favourite colours. There’s the option to add a name too if you’d like to personalise notebooks etc. I could do festive stickers as well, what do you think?

Recently sold more colouring-in books and this inspired me to do the stickers. I hope people find it relaxing, as well as learning facts about the animals in the book. I enjoyed doing the research, wildlife is amazing and colourful.


Butterfly resting on fabric
This peacock butterfly came for a rest. So beautiful that I had to share!