Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth

Despite having lived in Devon for over 10 years and loving animals I’d not been to the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth until recently. Making up for it I went twice in a month!

They provide a home for hundreds of donkeys and mules and help them worldwide as well as in the UK. At Sidmouth they also run a donkey assisted therapy programme, which helps people of all ages.

Donkeys inside at Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary
The first time I visited it was wet and cold, so most of the donkeys were sensibly inside!

Donkeys in a field at the Sanctuary on a sunny day

The donkey sanctuary is generally a very relaxing place in beautiful surroundings, definitely worth a visit. I’d also recommend their restaurant with local produce and a wonderful view.

I hope you’ve had a great Easter. I’m getting back into work after a break and have added more slide shows to my website, here are some in the pets category. New glass paintings will be coming soon.