Glass Paint Repairs – Solar Lights

Since I started glass painting I have found glass paint is great for repairs and upcycling. It is tough and of course water proof.

So when my little robin garden solar light became very faded, I decided I’d try repairing him using glass paints. The solar light still worked but the sun had bleached the robin of all colour.

Faded Robin garden solar light before glass paint repair.
He still lit up but was looking very washed out!

The experiment was successful and the glass paint adhered well. It didn’t need me to manually heat set the paint either, as the hot sun did that! Here is the painted solar light, almost two years later and still looking good.

Repaired Robin solar light using glass paints to restore the colour.

I’m so glad I painted him and hope it inspires others to do the same. Much better than adding to the rubbish heap, saves buying another solar light and a fun craft project! For upcycling glasses into candle holders using glass paint see this blog post.

If you’d like to have a go at glass painting, the paints I use can be purchased here.

My next idea for glass paint repairs is to try painting some stainless steel bathroom shelves. They are definitely in need of a refurbish and again I’d prefer not to throw them out. Watch this space to see if it works!

Have you successfully repaired/upcycled anything?