Podcast coming soon!

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking at doing an audio version of my poems and decided a podcast was the way to go!

With an iPad and a soundbox, I’m pleased to say I managed to record something audible. It was a case of third time lucky but using garageband, which I have a little experience of from making a soundtrack for my alphabet book, it wasn’t too frustrating! The learning curve was what do I do with it now, how do people hear it?

From a google search I discovered I must have a host for my podcast and some hours later chose Podbean. There are quite a few hosts but this seemed to suit me best as an initial free option, with the possibility to upgrade if needed. Now I had hoped to broadcast it today but of course things are never that simple! I needed:

  • a name for my podcast site
  • a picture
  • brief description
  • theme to choose
New podcast name Rhymes of Science and Nature with my website cat logo.
My podcast site name with the logo

After a discussion with parents about the name, description and adding text to my logo, time has disappeared. So tomorrow morning I will publish my first podcast, after double checking everything because I’m beyond seeing mistakes now!

It easily integrates with wordpress, so they say, so please do tune in tomorrow.