Abstract meteor shower Force pattern

Let The Force Be With You! – Activities Poem

Corny title I know but I have just published my next picture book on gravity and force. Currently as an ebook, so it could be with you today! I’ve also written a lockdown poem with activities to do, in case you’re running out of ideas!

I’ve decided to make this book available on kindle unlimited and therefore free to those that subscribe, for 3 months at least. As per my last post this limits distribution a little but I feel Amazon is the best place to launch a book initially. There will be a paperback version soon too.

So to my lockdown activities poem and thinking about all the things people are doing or could do while at home. It is called Stay at Home Survivial Guide!

Stay at home survivial guide,
keeping busy until Cov-19 demise.
Board games, Youtube exercise, reading, study.
All healthy for inside.
Gardening, crafts or DIY.
It's the thing cleaning inside and outside!
Films and streaming indulge too.
Internet chatting brings family, friends to you.
Keep washing hands, 20 second rule.
Social distancing will help us get through.

I’ve discovered Youtube exercises and just started to learn Spanish online. It is a language I’ve considered learning for a while but never got around to. Have you taken up a new project or interest?