New Website, New Painting

Exciting changes with a new website host, which has allowed me to create a new website for international customers at reasonable cost.

Find the site at my .com domain It means I can now remove the duplicate links on my site. Hopefully this will make it clearer, less cluttered and even speed up my website!

There were a few teething problems changing host, another learning curve for me, so apologies if you couldn’t access my site. I plan to do an idiots guide to help other newbies but that’s for another post! I must admit Dreamhost chat were very helpful and resolved any issues.

I’ve continued to work on Zazzle and now the new website is live I hope to get back to painting. I have finally had the motivation to do a painting for my own home and this has inspired me for new work.

Acrylic and glass painting of Topsham estuary in Devon
Topsham Rec Estuary View

This painting is acrylic and glass paint on a recycled plastic roof panel. I’m pleased how it worked out, probably the largest painting I’ve done. As regular readers know I’m a keen recycler and this should withstand the heat and cold of my conservatory! It’s given me the idea to do some garden art on recycled material. The robin light I rescued with glass paint is still looking good, so I know glass paint will survive the elements.

Have you been creative in your home during lockdown or like me only just feeling more motivated, as we slowly return to some normality?