Fern Print DIY Home Decor

Another one of my lockdown projects was to make a fern stencil print to freshen up some wallpaper. The hall wallpaper had been scraped in a couple of places and showing green in a patch where I’d wiped it! Not exactly relishing the idea of having the whole lot repainted, I got the idea to stencil over it.

Fern Stencil

I created the fern stencil print by recycling some corrugated card. Strips of the thick card were cut and glued onto a flat piece, making a raised image. This I brush painted with paint and then pressed the fern carefully onto the wall.

Fern print on wall paper

It was fun to do and I’m pleased with the result. A great way to cost effectively create your own wallpaper decor, without having to completely redecorate! As an added bonus it is a more environmentally friendly option too.

My next project involves up-cycling video cassettes. Follow my blog if you don’t want to miss what I do with these now retro items!