Upcycling Glassware & Old Sheepskin Coat!

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m now upcycling glassware by painting charity shops finds. As a keen recycler I also try to reuse other items that would otherwise end up in landfill. My latest is making a bag and insoles from a battered sheepskin coat!

Painting charity shop glassware has gone well and I’ve sold most of the pieces, that I put into Makermart shop. So thank you to my customers, who have not only supported me but have also helped the charity shops I buy from.

Upcycled painted glass dish, one of the items I’ve sold.

With regards to the sheepskin coat, it was my mum’s but had seen better days with many holes! It was therefore unsuitable to wear and past repairing as a coat. I started by cutting off the arms to make insoles and then the buttoned side to make a bag.

I washed the arm sections in a cool, short wash and they came up really well. The insoles were easy to make by using an old insole as a template and I cut the sheepskin with a stanley knife and then scissors. The result is 4 pairs of lovely warm insoles 😀

The bag wasn’t too difficult either. I folded over the length of sheepskin and sewed up the sides using an embroidery needle and strong embroidery wool. I’ve kept the coat button in place as I think it adds a lovely bit if decoration. The bag isn’t quite finished. I also need to wash it and add a button clasp.

I hope this inspires you to create something new from something old and save it from landfill.