Spring drinkware set with a cockeral, chicks and daffodils original glass painting wine glass. With a matching coaster

Happy Easter

I hope you’re having a good Easter break.

This is a heads up that I’m about to go from infrequent posts to daily ones in April!

It’s coming up to 40 years since I had my pituitary tumour removed and this year is also the Pituitary Foundation’s 30th Anniversary. So to increase awareness of pituitary conditions and hopefully raise some money for this small charity, I’ve decided to do quite a personal blog.
When I was younger I kept a diary, including before and after the operation. It’s not the most exciting read, being written by a teenager! However funny in parts and so I will do a daily post of this diary for the 30 days in April and I’ll add some sketches along the way.

I hope you can join me, starting tomorrow 1st April.

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