Childhood Diary 2nd April 1984

Warning, a teenage diary can be boring but there are more interesting days to come, I promise!


Sunny all day and it gradually got warmer, after a cold start of 0°C.

Learnt all about scales in our clarinet lesson, which I already know all about but never mind. My teacher asked me to explain but I am hopeless at explaining things like that. Found out how the sewage disposal works in biology, which I must say was so interesting. It’s a thing I’ve always wanted to know!!

The chemistry test wasn’t too bad, despite us not knowing now what Mr W is going to test us on.

Orchestra was fairly boring tonight, really only because I played my French Horn very badly. Actually it wasn’t boring, just bad.

Had a delicious supper when I got home of a stew. Washed my hair and I’m lovely and warm and cosy now, in bed.

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