Sunshine, O-levels yes or no, eye image

Diary Wednesday 4th April

Sunny again, it’s really lovely having such good weather, even though it’s not that warm.

We did yet another timed essay in English but we hardly had any time to finish it, as we only had a single lesson, minus 10 minutes!

Went to see Dr P this afternoon at Great Ormond Street Hospital, about the test results. I have to go back next week for a further X-ray, which will say whether the pituitary operation is urgent or if it can wait until after my 0-levels. If it’s urgent I will have 10 days in hospital and Dr P said it would take a further 4 weeks before I feel myself again.

This means I won’t feel quite right for my o-levels but I shall take them and Dr P will write a note and the examiners will take it into account. Anyway if I fail any I can retake them in November. In some ways I’d like to get it over with but I don’t really know. If they do postpone it, I will probably have to take tablets to stop the cortisone, which might effect me. So it may be best to have the operation soon. I had me eyes tested today as well, to make sure the nerves were not effected. My eyes are fine of course. It was very interesting to find out where the blind spot was though!

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