Diary Thursday 5th April – International Exhibition

Its gone grey all of a sudden and we had rain this evening.

Went to help with an exhibition today, 3 of my friends and I were asked to. It was great fun actually but exhausting, as we were helping junior school kids and a few infants as well. R and I helped in the Indonesian corner. All we had to do was help little children colour in puppets and then explain how to make them into puppets at home. Some of the children were so lovely.

In the afternoon we played Mancala, which is a board game they play in Africa. It’s great fun to play but R and I didn’t get much luck in trying to get some other people interested, or have a go at playing. The problem we had was that there were people playing African drums outside, so most of the kids were watching that. However I’ve really enjoyed myself and despite being exhausted I went to town afterwards.

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