Diary Saturday 7th April 1984

Continued with my Saturday job at the Theatre and Concert Rail Club. Despite the pituitary diagnosis, I felt well at this point, I just wasn’t growing.

Started off sunny, but it then went all grey and nasty.

C didn’t turn up to work today and she said she was coming, which is a bit unlike her.
Anyway, I answered enquiries all morning as there was no one else to help me (ahh!). Actually I quite enjoyed it and it’s so much nicer working in our new office.

Went with my brother and dad to get mum’s birthday present this afternoon. It was very painless as we chose a sunbed in the first shop, which we all thought was the nicest, so dad bought it. We have to hope mum will like it, which I’m sure she will. I got my brother’s present as well, in the new golf shop and a card (I didn’t get the card in the golf shop!). Thought up a design for Mum’s card but I only drew it in rough. It’s not that wonderful, but it’s quite nice. Had company all evening tonight as mum and dad decided not to go out in the end

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