Diary Sunday 8th April 1984

Grey and we had the odd shower, but not much.

Hardly had any homework to do, I spent most of my time learning some French oral. I had a bit of chemistry to do but I couldn’t do half of it as I didn’t have my practical book.

We went out for lunch as it’s mum and my brother’s birthday tomorrow.
We all had a very nice meal as it was done in a buffet style with a Carvery (a choice of Turkey, beef or lamb today.) I had beef, which was delicious. It was nice going out as a family as it seems ages since we did so.

C came this afternoon and tested me on my oral. We then went to my brother’s 18th birthday party, a joint one with his friend, in a village hall. Poor old mum and dad weren’t too happy about it all, but everything went very well. I certainly enjoyed myself and I think most people did. Didn’t get home till one, so I’m going to be worn out tomorrow!

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