1984 Diary Tuesday 10th April, Back to Hospital

Not too cold today and we had some showers.

Had to go into hospital again today, probably till Friday but hopefully Thursday. I didn’t have to go in until the afternoon, so I had a sleep in, except I didn’t really as I woke up at 8:30am. Mum and I went in by train as dad was working. Not too long a journey from St.Albans to London St.Pancras.

We arrived at 2pm and could have come later really, as they didn’t want to do any tests yet. Almost as soon as we arrived, we went out again for a little walk. We had a cup of tea in the gallery place again, then decided we’d go and have a look at the British Museum. We only had a chance to see the Oriental things but the walk around was nice.

Got back to the hospital at 5pm for tea and then watched telly most of the time with mum, or tried to! I’m nil by mouth from 11pm this evening.

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